Making dinner using Lcw's wholesale kitchenware tools

First, develop recipes.wholesale dinner set manufacturers told Recipes should be properly formulated according to the owner's table and table spending plans, the current market supply of non-staple food, seasonal characteristics, and the age, sex, lifestyle, etc. of the person who attended the dinner, especially the host family and the elder. In the structure of dishes, generally should be done with hot and cold mix, meat and vegetables mix, large pieces of small pieces, dry fresh goods with raw materials, as far as possible to achieve a reasonable diet structure, color, flavor and shape coordination and use Wholesale disposable plates and cups,Wholesale disposable plates and cutlery.

Second, the arrangement of dishes. A table banquet is suitable for several dishes. How to arrange the structure should be based on the different customs in different regions and the size of the banquet. When making a family feast, it is necessary to pay attention to a reasonable mix of dietary structure and a moderate amount. That is to say, both meet the needs and do not waste, and strive to achieve just right. In terms of the structure of the banquet, there are generally two types: one is an ordinary family dinner; the other is a festive family dinner. Ordinary feast, also known as a feast, is generally less stressful, not too many people attending, generally six dishes and one soup or eight dishes and one soup on it. The festive feast must be grand and rich. There are four cold dishes, one to two large dishes and six to eight hot dishes.

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