Cooking vegetables with wholesale cooking supplies

We have to eat vegetables every day. As the main force of weight loss diets, vegetables also have a lot of places to pay attention to. The right choices wholesale cooking supplies can make the eaten vegetables more nutritious. Vegetables are the ingredients that the human body must eat every day. Experts recommend eating more than 500g of vegetables per person per day. However, the practice of vegetables is not for everyone. Today Xiao Bian took everyone to know how to properly use wholesale cookware sets Cook vegetables.

1, first wash and cut Most of the nutrients in vegetables are water-soluble, so washing before cutting can avoid the loss of nutrients. Within 2 and 10 minutes

Vegetables contain vitamin C. Excessive temperatures and long heating can cause decomposition of vitamin C in vegetables, causing loss of nutrients. It is recommended that the heating time be controlled within 10 minutes, and that the amount of loss is less when the fire is simmered or covered for a short time.

3, add seasonings to seize the opportunity Add seasonings such as oil and salt to seize the opportunity, if it is fried vegetables, the first release of oil, the oil should be put vegetables before the smoke, otherwise the oil temperature is too high will release harmful substances. In addition, the amount of oil to be fried when frying vegetables should be appropriate, not too much to avoid eating too much fat, eat more fat. If it is boiled, it should be oiled after the water roll or before the whole sale cooking pots to make the vegetables bright and bright.

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