The most mentally disabled is in rice lu, was also on the road "risks" 1-0 wins the maldives, overnight change ShuaiSheng. Mentally disabled lack of judgment, at least also has a very bad memory. Milutinovic led rushed into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea and jubilation, but the World Cup after the "270 minutes did not shoot", not only no one profound reflection of the fragmented, pain in his mouth, the rice wholesale jerseys free shipping lu as the "scapegoat". After the rice lu, unexpectedly ten strong match for three consecutive World Cup qualifiers doors are not allowed in and have no one to responsible for stagger the rice lu, leaving only words of "stress" the real history.

Others is a major change, although I have also been force such as camacho, speaker, stayed, YanTieSheng, and, just as in office Fu Bo, li Ming, franklin grams. Some department began to choose the wrong, don't lose all to want to change change, lose more. And "some early proved is a useless, dead tired armed forces" duds, waste, but this change does not change, still with temporary didn't lose the competition and make the whole team with "die". I wish LiCiCunZhao, international, national green, slightly, line war horrible of at least two team next year. Don had lost nothing, when never used, but "handsome robe and body", are destroyed Chinese football is not tired.

But this time the team's season without Hong Kong, listless victory in the maldives is not the responsibility of perrin, refused to change not only belongs to the town of faux pas, and close the change don't change, should change in the confusion of the egg. YanJian, began the 20 days with "Spanish" bread only camacho shouldn't change in the gao, a few months in the top 20 football in China's worst record, even lose no shorts. And former CCTV host mouth huang jianxiang "manzano in perrin", in addition to like some children against the current object parents freely wonky wholesale authentic jerseys name a replacement for less likely, also immediately be planted at the foot of relegation team liaoning guoan, is likely to lose the next season champions league qualification "slapped a loud". As to what those perrin "exposed not obedient personality, domineering, never listen to Chinese wholesale jerseys online coach opinion", princes and discord, "Lin gao directly back to the locker room," such as text, can only give a person with "swing" impression, fart is not.

Believe that a lot of people is the first impression of a perrin's Asian cup qualifier last, changsha on the bench in the stadium in the rainy night Fu Bo are obtained, wood, while "substitute" perrin on "edge", actually can readily conclude that he is not "better", "critical moment could, do things without a plan". Asian cup is proved him on the team's transformation and ascension, perrin working (see of league games, Christmas vacation, without going back to work of time long), mining the couple (sun, Wu Xi, wang lei, Cai Huikang, sea...) , training high quality (played north Korea cramps), both as to lay a necessary basis for Asian cup group wins. The result of the game may have many accidental factors, but perrin led four Asian cup content and processes, when the dewy valladolid Asian wholesale jerseys usa cup in 2006 the team's one of the most exciting.

The team's three top 40 were difficult to satisfactory, especially at home by Hong Kong, in addition to the four stele into, bad luck, otherwise the perrin control two reasons. Phase one is the league's JiXunQi too short, and the other for home choose blunder, to the team's owner.

From "the godfather" Chinese football NianWeiSi, Su Yongshun, Ceng Xuelin, gaofengwen, the coach schlappner, rice lu... Coach has a long time, from the team. Have ABC practice when NianWeiSi has "national team" of the helpless, green has been bring Jia Xiuquan gaofengwen from countries, LiuHaiGuang, Fu Yubin... The players back into the team's mainstay, for half a year training, all with strong coach. But from the beginning of the gao, camacho, the team's coach role only reflected in the league during the short-term training, team ability, physical fitness, tactics execution are basic forming at the club. Although in recent years, the Chinese super league because of the big foreign handsome, foreign aid, level increased enormously, but important position by the foreign aid, players actually progress co., LTD., a critical moment to confront more ratio if the stars. At the beginning of the Asian cup, perrin has two month league offseason careful write in an ornate style, serious preparation, so the progress is obvious. All but three 40 strong matches in the league, after were hanging, the champions league, fa authentic jerseys wholesale cup line combat, players, wholesale blank jerseys both physical and mental fatigue, how much impact on the international status.

A strong league is the most solid foundation for national team, but it is not directly to the promotion of national soccer team, but indirectly, sometimes there are contradictions between them. Evergrande port on the heated competition for the top of the noise is covered up the team's current crisis and problems, distracted, but how many Chinese super port take Evergrande, and even the champions league, but compared with the national soccer team scored 12 strong competition, and even the World wholesale jerseys Cup, 100 than at a time.

The Chinese team is really at home? No one knows the answer. Shenzhen stadium, shenyang is the Chinese super league game, from the distance to the climate is far from the best choice, the so-called "lucky" shenyang turf is more like the beds. And never play a gun in a place where no one knows why? For some of the "main stadium nearly deserted city" "medallion", earn to undertake the fee? Hadn't been a football match at home for many years in kunming, the pitch with golf balls. To count the years China have how much home, twenty? Why even the team's players are all very rusty, of the home? A devil at home when you have to force ""," there are players with the familiar with every inch grass to rebound, and even play post what place that take the door feeling... So choose home almost abandon "home".

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