NCAA championship finals in the much-anticipated, against the two sides are at duke university and the university of Wisconsin. Full play, duke university 68-63 game 1, their fifth win the championship. At the same time, it is also a duke university since 2010, five years wholesale jerseys reviews won again.

To the specific score: 31-31, 32, 37 (before) at the university of Wisconsin.

It, at the university of Wisconsin had four wholesale jerseys online players in double figures, kaminski scored 21 points and 12 rebounds, 12 points and eight rebounds, Sam - wholesale jerseys free shipping dyke bronson - Mr Koenig 10 points, nigel - hayes 13 points.

Duke wholesale jerseys nike university's side, Ruth Jones 23 points, Justin Winslow 11 points, ABU muhammad jarir emeka okafor had 10 points, substitute Grayson Allen 16 points.

After wholesale jerseys vip open match, quinn cooke is strong and toss it takes, first to open a pot of duke university. But looking back, three points kaminski, Wisconsin. Since then, the two teams in a fierce fight, cummings base line made breakthrough foul, two free throws one, Wisconsin 9-6. Winslow hits three points, the duke will be erased. Emeka okafor wholesale jerseys from china storm hand in a row, cook baskets, duke university 21-16. But since then, emeka okafor, duke university defense vulnerabilities began to emerge. Dyke tip-in successful, Wisconsin will take their success. With amir - Jefferson layup successful, half finished, two teams at 31.

Easy edge to fight again, kaminski ginobli hit Mr Koenig three points, then once he is strong tu layup successful, 38-33 lead at the university of Wisconsin. Thai Ruth foul - Jones made two free throws, duke chase points. But kaminski since insider ball, in the face of emeka okafor single proof, a smooth back turned layup caused opponents foul, his two free throws, Wisconsin still five points wholesale jerseys cheap ahead. Mr Koenig jumper achievements, kaminski receiving line cutter to the basket ball, easy baskets, at this time the two teams has widened to 9 points. But since then, duke Jones Grayson Allen stepped forward rate team hit the climax of 17-6, with the gap.

Critical moment, kaminski inside storm, turned around and playing board, the two teams win over 56 ping. Thai Ruth Jones hits three points, 1 points ahead at duke university. 3 minutes and 22 seconds remaining, the two teams last Armageddon. Emeka okafor eat kaminski, in the case of foul opponent deliberately shake handshandle, still will score. After and emeka okafor second hand, Ruth Jones hit three, duke eight points ahead. Kaminski three points, also give Wisconsin sustain her life. Hayes dunk successful, Wisconsin just three points behind! But sadly, no miracles, Jones made two free throws, duke university 68-68 game 1, their fifth win the championship.

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