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Shoes are an integral part of their personalities. "Sometimes, when we're about to shoot a closeup, the director will say to me that I can take off my shoes as my feet won't be in the frame," hristian louboutin studded shoes said actress Sarah Jessica Parker. "But I've never done it. The expression of a woman in flats is totally different from one in heels."

Audrey Hepburn advised buying a pair of shoes half a size bigger, as comfort is integral to elegance.

As you get older, feet tend to get longer christian louboutin flats and wider. It's useless trying to squeeze into your usual size 6 1/2. Probably after the age of 40 you'll be a 7 1/2.

For the same reason, it's good to buy shoes in the evening, when feet are at their biggest, and never in the morning.

Try not to wear the same shoes too many days in a row. Ideally, christian louboutin outlet store you should change them every day to keep them from losing shape too soon.

Whenever you get the louboutin store chance - at home or on the beach - walk around barefoot.After an evening of walking on high heels, massage the soles of your feet with a tennis ball.Look at the feet of your mother and grandmother. Many small deformations are hereditary but preventable.

Whatever kind of shoes you wear and whatever the shape of mens christian louboutin your feet, accept and love them, pampering them with great care and pedicures. Your feet are the pedestal that supports your soul.

Always brush your shoes discount christian louboutin before wearing. Consider this as indispensable as combing your hair before going out.