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A funny thing fake oakley sunglasses happened to me at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas last week: I glanced upward and found myself staring into a 3-D television.

I was at the gaming industry conference to try to get a glimpse cheap oakleys of the future of videogames, and maybe this is one facet of it. I've used 3-D televisions before, of course, but you can't accidentally happen upon those. You've got to put on the glasses, get yourself situated, the whole routine. So to look upwards at the TV mounted on the bar and realize that there was a depth illusion cheap oakley sunglasses happening there—that was pretty weird.

What I was looking at was called Ultra-D, a glasses-free 3-D tech that's been making the rounds at the electronics trade shows for a couple of years now. Representatives from the discount oakley sunglasses company at DICE told me they're hoping to actually have some TVs using the tech in homes within this year. So who knows, maybe you'll be trying this for yourself soon enough.

If you're going to be in the replica oakley sunglasses market for a giant 4K TV this year, I mean. Stream TV Networks, the company behind Ultra-D, isn't actually manufacturing televisions. It's looking to spin up what it refers to as the "Intel Inside"-style business model: Licensing the technology to a range of manufacturers, who can then build it into their sets. It estimates that including its 3-D display might add oakley sunglasses discount around 10 percent to the retail price of the television.